Q: When should I treat my lawn to control crabgrass?

A: In the early spring with pre-emergent herbicide to control seeds from germinating.

Q: How often does my lawn need fertilized?

A: Every 50 to 55 days (5 times a year).

Q: How often should my lawn be Core Aerated?

A: We recommend once a year to help eliminate soil compaction and reduce thatch layer.

Trees & Shrubs

Q: What does your tree & shrub care program consist of?

A: 4 treatments. Starting with an early spring dormant application. Then three applications 55 days apart, controlling insects such as Aphids, Spider mites, Root weevils, pine shoot moth, ect.

Q: What is "Deep Root Feeding"?

A: This is a slow release fertilizer injected throughout the root zone of trees and shrubs. This should be done annually to promote healthy, vibrant plants.

Q: What are "Micro Injections"?

A: They are like an IVs that we would use to treat people. This is a precise treatment used to treat large trees for insects, fungus, and fertilizers.

Q: What are some of the other services offered beside lawn & tree spraying?

A: We offer complete indoor and outdoor pest control. All types of weed control, such as Industrial Bareground, Residential Bareground, Shrubbed Weed Control, Broadleaf Weed Control, Lawns, Pastures, and Roundup Applications.

Q: Is it safe for my pet?

A: Most of the federal lables call for the application to dry. We recommend watering it before the pet returns to the yard.

Q: When can I water?

A: Lawn applications need to dry for 12 hours, then water heavily.

Q: What if it rains?

A: If you have weeds in your lawn, it will need to be resprayed.

Q: How long will it last?

A: lawn treatments will last about six weeks.

Q: Do I need to be home during the service?

A: No. If we have access to the property and all dangerous pets are removed, we can lock the gate when we are finished.