Lawn Care Program

This includes 5 balanced fertilizer applications, including broadleaf and crabgrass weed control. These applications start in the early spring and end in the fall. The lawn applications will be approximately 2 months apart.

Lawn Care Services

Weekly Mowing

This includes mowing, edging, trimming the lawn and cleaning up excess grass clippings each week during the active part of the season. There are approximately 32 mows per year. Any additional mow will be billed separately and at the time the service is completed.

Core Aeration

This includes aerating all of the turf areas throughout the property to eliminate soil compaction and thatch. Typically this is done in the spring.

Tree and Shrub Program

This includes 4 properly timed insecticide treatments to the trees and shrubs to eliminate damage causing insects and prevents infestations throughout the active part of the year.

Tree and Shrub Care

Tree and Shrub Fertilization

This includes applying a slow release fertilizer to the root zone of the trees and shrubs, This will enhance the health of the trees and shrubs and promote new growth throughout the year.

Tree and Shrub Pruning

Desertgreen will prune all of the trees and shrubs under 15 feet tall that require it in the spring and the fall. This includes pruning and cleaning up any debris from the pruning.

Micro Injection

This is the most effective way to systemically treat your trees or shrubs with insecticide, fungicide, fertilizer and growth regulators. They are injected into the root flare of the tree and are delivered through the xylem layer. These are similar to an I.V. for a person. They are calibrated for each tree or shrub with no product going into the ground.

Irrigation repair/replacement

Desertgreen charges per man/ per hour, plus parts and tax for irrigation repair. Desertgreen is responsible to maintain a properly working irrigation system to prevent damage to the turf or plants from lack of water.

Irrigation Start – Up

This includes charging the mainline with water prior to the growing season or when water is available. This also includes checking each zone for malfunctioning or broken parts. Any necessary repairs or sprinkler adjustments will be made at this time at the normal repair rate, plus parts and tax. We will establish the proper watering time setting for each zone at this time.

Irrigation Winterization

This includes clearing all of the irrigation lines and essential irrigation parts of water to prevent freeze damage.

Seasonal Clean- ups

Desertgreen will perform two clean ups during the year. These clean ups will be scheduled in the late winter/ early spring and in the fall. This includes cleaning up all debris in the shrub beds, turf areas, parking lot and removing it from the property.

Snow Plowing/De-icing

Snow plowing and De- Icing is available upon request.
** A separate service contract is required..

Exterior Spider Barrier

This program consists of four services a year designed to control existing spiders and prevent new outbreaks. Single applications also available and will improve conditions for approximately 30 days.

Spider Barrier

Interior and Exterior Integrated Pest Management

This is Desertgreens number one pest control service program. This program includes, mice, rats, pavement ants, paper wasps in eves with in view, European earwigs, around exterior of the home. Interior spider spray upon request and exterior of home. This service is guaranteed all year long.

Interior Pest Control

Interior and Exterior Rodent Control

All of our rodent control services include interior trapping devices, and exterior bait stations. One time service has a warranty of 30 days and our programs have a year long warranty.

Shrubbed Weed Control

  • Two applications per season, approximately 6 months apart, designed to eliminate and maintain weed free shrub beds.

  • Bermuda Grass, Morning Glory, Thistle, Oxalis, Knotweed, and Blue Grasses.
Shrubbed Weed Control

Residential Bareground Weed Control

  • Two applications per season, approximately 6 months apart, designed to eliminate & maintain weed free residential bareground areas throughout the entire year.

  • Residential bareground program includes scheduled touch ups throughout the entire year.
Residential Bareground

Other Services

  • Round up applications with Shrubbed Weed Control & Residential Bareground.

  • Broadleaf weed control (Lawns &Pastures) with lawn Program.
Other Services

All other pest control services

  • Termites
  • Flies
  • Birds
  • Bees, Wasps, Hornets
  • Ants: Pavement, Odorous House Ants, Pharaoh ants, Yellow Harvester, Carpenter, Big Headed and Velvety Tree.
  • Cockroaches: Brown, Brown banded, German, Oriental, and Smoky Brown

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