Irrigation Services

Watering & Irrigation

Our experienced technicians can provide routine checks and sprinkler adjustments. Having proper irrigation coverage is very important if you’d like to see a green, healthy turf! We’ll clean your filters and inspect the system for any leaks or breaks. We can also provide diagnostic assistance for minor repairs.

Winter Sprinkler Blowouts

A sprinkler blowout is where we will attach an air compressor to the system and literally “blow out” the water from the lines, pipes and other parts. A properly winterized sprinkler blowout can be the difference between an easy spring start up and weeks if not months of problems the following season.


Sprinkler Blowout Questions:

Q: Do I need to be home and how should I prepare to get sprinkler blowout?

A: No, you do not need to be home at the time of service. If you are not home please make sure any gates are unlocked and all pets are put away. Make sure to shut off the water source to your sprinkler system prior to our arrival.

Q: How can I pay you?

A: You can call in with a credit/debit card or you can use our payment link at the top of the page.

Q: Should I blow out my sprinklers yearly?

Yes! You need to have your sprinkler system winterized every year. Make sure to winterize your system before the season’s first hard freeze. Waiting means there is no guarantees or warranty that all the water can be flushed out of your system and you will not sustain costly damage.