Tree Service

Tree Care Program

Our Yearly service includes 4 insecticide applications per season to keep pests at bay - pests like aphids, box elder bugs, and spider mites.  The first spray of the season includes a dormancy oil - which is a combination insecticide/fungicide - to help ease plants & trees out of dormancy and chase away any overwintering pests or fungus.

We offer micro-injections, a specialized service where we drill holes into the base of the tree to insert capsules that will slowly administer chemical.  Available in insecticide, fungicide, and fertilizer.  It's like an IV for your tree!

Soil drenches are available for plants/trees that cannot be injected, and we have a popular Deep Root Feed service that applies fertilizer directly to the root zone of plants/shrubs for immediate uptake.

Tree Pruning. We love your trees as well!

  • Improved form, balance, health and safety.
  • Expert ornamental specimen tree and shrub care.
  • Roof and gutter clearance for pest management and roof longevity.
  • Increased sunlight to your solar panel or gardens.
  • Tree safety inspections and large tree pruning.

Shrub & Hedge Trimming.


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